Research: Introduction

At Xitec Solutions we believe in research based problem solving. We have three types of research which include Academic Research, Community Based Research and Corporate Research.

Academic Research

Xitec Solutions research team works hand-in-hand with academician to make our research have impact in both local and international institutions, the private and public sector.

Our academic research focuses on contributing new knowledge and or approach to solving computer science and Information technology problem. Our research work is presented in different conferences and workshops on annual basis in order to have a wide range of expertise and to learn more from other researchers in academia and industry.

Community Based Research

Research is the basis for knowledge. At Xitec Solutions limited we use research based approach to solve community based problems and provide business solutions that are compliant with the entrepreneurial needs of the community.

We collect data from the community using questionnaires and interviews in specific areas and area of interest of the researchers. Qualitative and quantitative methods are used to analyze the data collected in order to make empirical research analysis and conclusions. Our community-based research areas are normally in ICT for development, focusing on e-solutions such as; e-health, e-governance, e-learning and e-banking, e-farming solutions.

Corporate research

Xitec Solutions has got a team that makes research inclined towards the business sector; for example we make research on customer care and service delivery, marketing research that help different organizations change their approach to service delivery and marketing.

Under research we do the following:

  • Design possible interview questions and questionnaires.
  • Collect data for organizations and institutions from the community or group of people as required by research.
  • Analyze the collected data from both internal and external sources.
  • We also do empirical research ready for consumption.

We are a knowledgeable team with good exposure to research in the area of information technology, human resource and customer care and in many other areas that help both private and public organizations or institutions and communities change for the better.

Networks and Algorithms

Networking is a growing area of research and Xitec Solutions has an objective to support and sustainable growth in the area. We have published in the networking area in conferences and journals. Under our networking research we look at different areas that we consider academic and industrial world over, these include;

Computer networks and protocols, network models and protocols, large-scale multimedia systems, high-performance mobile computing, quality of service, network modeling and simulation, peer-to-peer and overlay networks, network security, mobile and wireless networks.

Innovative Mobile Technologies

Under innovative mobile technology research, the research team looks at how organizations and the business community can increase production and minimizes expenses and costs through researching about business related problems. Most of our research under innovative Mobile technologies looks at electronic service delivery, for example e-banking, e-health and community.

Software Engineering

To solve problems using computers, requires a good understanding of software development techniques and a good knowledge in software engineering research.

We have young and innovative software developers who research and develop software to solve specific industrial and community based problems. Research groups are working to make publications in key international journals and conferences. Different programming languages are used during the developments. Most research areas include and are not limited to: Software Agents, COTS, Web-Based and Internet Applications, software Evolution, Software Development Methodology, Real-time Systems, Medical Software.

ICT for Development

Xitec Solutions works towards having Information and communication Technologies, ICTs work for most communities in Africa, particularly in Uganda and the East African Community -EAC. Our major Interest in ICT for development research is to find new ways in which ICTs can be better utilized by African communities to increase production through increased information access in key areas; for example farming and agriculture; health, education and much more. Research areas we consider include; Information and Development; ICTs and Education, Poverty and ICT, Health and ICTs and their Impact, ICTs - Partnerships and Collaborations, ICT and governance (e-Governance) and much more. Working with the academia and industry and key partners can change the trend of ICT use in communities within Africa particularly EAC, through collaborative research.

Research Groups

Xitec Solution Ltd finds it important to group different research teams depending on areas of interest of individuals. There are three research groups and these include:

  1. ICT for Development Research Group
  2. Computer Network Research Group
  3. Information Systems Research Group